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Month: June 2015

Net Zero Energy Home

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Our entry in this year’s Homarama, The Claiborne is reflective of TesCon’s Life-Wise Home® concept in construction of custom building. You will see a unique, one of a kind, High Performance Net Zero Energy home with a HER’s rating of -3. The home is projected to produce more energy than it uses reflected in utility costs. In addition you will experience all the interior and exterior upgrades and finishes in the design that you have come to expect in a Homarama house.

As a Net Zero Energy Home, this home produces as much energy through renewable resources, such as solar panels, as it consumes.  Only a Net Zero Energy Home can score 0 on the RESNET HERS Index.  This home scored a remarkable -3 rating!  The benefits of a Zero Energy Home include reduced temperature fluctuations improving health and comfort, plus cost effectiveness providing protection against fluctuations in energy prices with the and potential elimination of energy bills altogether.

Environmental protection is provided in a truly “green” home, reducing greenhouse gases, cutting carbon emissions and saving energy.

Custom Homes are built with a precise emphasis on longevity and personalization, providing many creative features coupled with adaptability. This is also a wheelchair friendly, “aging in place” home.  These distinctive homes are being designed and built for progressive thinkers who desire specific amenities and flexible space that will meet their current lifestyles, but are also concerned with future transitions.

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